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Superman Reborn (Rebirth) by Dan Jurgens

Superman Reborn (Rebirth) by Dan Jurgens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A lot of the current Superman story is pieced together here and part of it wrapped up. An intense page-turning read for me as I've been wanting them to get to all this asap. As the question asks on the back cover "Who is Clark Kent?", this part of the mystery is solved and dealt with during this volume. Parts of the multiple versions of this famous character is tied up but we are still left with an uneasy feeling and a mystery remains. The villain involved in the doppelganger Clark Kent is not the one who was behind the whole death/multiverse-hopping Supermen. There is still someone out there who may have just planned the whole thing. This whole story has been a bit hard for me to get on board with but I really enjoyed how this, though far-fetched, was plotted out. Looking forward to what comes next!

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